Being ethical

What is the different booking through a native holiday maker and foreign holidaymakers and booking sites?  

The different is every year foreign booking sites and holidaymakers take millions of US dollars out from Sri Lanka. Sri Lanka is a developing country. That money could be spent in the very country you visit to further develop the country. Come with us to make our country a little bit beautiful and prosperous - Travel ethical way.

This phenomenon is not only appealing to Sri Lanka. The guise of free market, in combination with new digital technologies, has found another loophole to suck money out from developing countries. 

No driver is registered under any central authority in Sri Lanka to chauffeur you through the country - but most of travellers only care how many ratings and recommendations the driver has on websites like TripAdvisor. There is no central authority in Sri Lanka to monitor Booking or Agoda dot coms either. Back in your country, where every single individual is paid their due taxes for respective governments, this may not be an issue. But here in Sri Lanka it is a great issue. We concern about the well-being of our country too. 

If you prefer to spent your holiday money in the country you visit, weather it is pennies or thousands, that is the most ethical way you could spend your holiday.    

We also know that trusting native holiday makers could be a little bit hard when none of our track records stand for otherwise.

With our Cleaner Sri Lanka, a community organisation initiative, we approach to make things right with relevant local and national authorities. We encourage you to record mishandling of any services you received or concerned while you make your holiday in Sri Lanka. We try to make authorities hear your voice.

Help us to make our country a little bit beautiful and prosperous!

We wish you all the best and hope you will enjoy your holiday in our warm Sri Lanka!
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