About Us

Our vision - To be remembered as the best holiday maker in Sri Lanka. 

Our mission - To be an one stop solution for all holiday makers visiting Sri Lanka. To pay attention to tiny details.

To us holiday making started accidentally. In 1979, Amare, a founding partner of the company, was working as an authority officer at the international Airport in Katunayake. No official tourism industry existed at the time. He soon found liberated from the office work of Airport and  become a chauffeur guide. He then gained the tourist guide license and became a group tour handler. In 1985, he started working as the company manager of Ceylon Resor at the Airport. We daily handled about 25 to 30 vehicles with foreign holiday makers. 

We, Anuradha and Asanga, Amare's elder and younger sons, learned holiday making since early teenage years. We had been working on and off in this industry an almost a decade now. We have different educational backgrounds, travel experience and diverse track records. 

On 30th of June 2009 we registered this holiday company, Cross Country Travels Sri Lanka, W AA 7616, as a partnership. The company gained SLTDA's (Sri Lankan Tourism Development Authority) registration,  TS/TA/1200, on 19th Nov 2009.  

As Anuradha returned to Sri Lanka in 2015 we have teamed up a fresh now.

We all have our deep passion in archaeology,  history and nature ...  

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Amare - Cross Country Travels Sri Lanka
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