About us

Vision and mission.

Our vision is to be remembered as one of the best holiday makers in Sri Lanka. Our mission is to be one of the best one-stop-solution to any discerning holiday maker to Sri Lanka. 

About us

Holiday making was a pleasant accidental development to us.

In 1979, Amare, the founding partner of this company, was an Authority Officer at the international Airport in Katunayake. And, at that time, there was no official tourism industry existed. Because he spoke English language it was him who was approached by holidaymakers with their requests about holiday making. As a result of that Amare was soon to find himself as a chauffeur guide for holiday makers. Since then, he polished up his language skills and acquired the official national tourist guide license. He worked as a group tour handler for Walkers Tours for few years. In 1985, he started working as the company manager of Ceylon Resor at the Airport. Amare used to handled about 25 to 40 vehicles daily with foreign holiday makers up until 2006. 

Anuradha and Asanga, elder and younger sons of Amare respectively, learned the nuts and bolts of holiday making from their early teenage years. Of cause, their first ever job was to wash up as many cars as possible every day! They both seem to have not enjoyed that particular job very much! However, they have been working on holiday making, on and off, for decades now. Anuradha is a western university educated duel citizenship holder, who lived in Fukuoka in Japan, London and in Odense in Denmark for collectively thirteen years. Asanga worked in three grand hotels in Negombo as an assistant accountant for six years. 

Cross Country Travels Sri Lanka was registered on 30th of June 2009, W AA 7616, as a partnership. The company have gained Sri Lankan Tourism Development Authority's registration,  TS/TA/1200, and the Civil Aviation's registration, A-838.

We all have our deep passion in archaeology, history and nature ...

We want to offer you some unique experience in Sri Lanka! 

“A good traveler has no fixed plans and is not intent on arriving” 

 Lao Tzu