May 2024 - Sri Lankan train journey - The world's ‘cheapest train journey’ takes 7 hours and links tiny town to gorgeous city

11 May 2018 - Per Km price of Tuk Tuk increased today by nationally.

Now for the first Km it is 60 LKR and 50 LKR from the second Km driven.

You know what, do you know what the ongoing market prices paid for a Km driven in our so called ethical tourism industry today?

Paid - Budget car - 20 LKR / Standard sedan car 35 LKR / Van 40 LKR. Then it is a business, we have to add profit. Let's say profit is 20%. Then tax on the profitable share is 17.5 % (3.5%). Then if you receive payment by card or from a foreign bank another 3.5% needed to be added. Transaction lost per each transaction is another 3.5 %. Totally 30.5% need to be added to each KM driven.

In theory following are the right figures to follow to run a business in Sri Lanka as on 11 May 2018.

Ideal price per KM - Standard Cars (Toyota Prius) (Self-Driven 57 LKR / With Driver 84 LKR) / Luxury Cars (Toyota Primio) (Self-Driven 62 LKR / With Driver 90 LKR) / 7 Seaters (Toyota Esquire) (Self-driven 53 LKR / With driver 82 LKR) / 12 Seaters (Toyota Commuter) (Self-Driven 68 LKR / With Driver 95 LKR).

All this is because we want to attract informative and ethical holidaymakers to us!

27 April 2018 - Hikka Tranz by Cinnamon -

Please be advised that Hikka Tranz by Cinnamon will be undergoing routine maintenance work in its rooms and public spaces, starting 09 May 2018, for approximately 4 months.

11 April 2018 - Very sorry to read this. Dutch tourists brutally assaulted

To us this signifies few things. Firstly, our local authorities are incapable of regulating things in ground and monitor them systematically. Secondly, this sheds lights on the risk the tourists are taking again when they are so eager to find better deals, exploiting the Government's incapabilities to regulate and opportunists existence to exploit that vacuum. Think, how safe you are and this developing island when you find cheaper services online of unregistered service providers.

Happy and safe travel to you all!

06 April 2018 - 

  • 200 - 300 Sperm Whales are spotted today (at 9.23 AM) off the coast of Mirissa!!! Crossed checked this few days later, only 15 were recorded.

24 Jan 2018 

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  • Kandy Perahera Season - 10th -  20th August 2024 (Including both days)

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  • Yala National Park closer - 1 Sep - 15 Oct (usually)