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SCUBA Diving Kalpitiya
Wilpattu National Park - Thambapanni - Kudiramalai Point - Sri Lanka
Kitesurfing Sri Lanka
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Reserve your pick up and drop off from/to Kalpitiya with us. Kalpitiya is a beach and a lagoon destination. The Island's largest marine reef is located just off the coast of Kalpitiya. Sea bed of Kalpitiya to Manna and to Palk Strait is with an unique eco systems due to shallow sea water. Pristine sandy beaches, many diving options, Dugong, dolphin and whale watching, deep sea fishing and lagoon fishing excursions and Kite-surfing are the main activities available in Kalpitiya. We arrange a unique boating safari to inland and day out by a river with hammocks and a chef and staff. Off-roading to Wilpathu National Park and few creative activities in Puttalama lagoon, 2nd largest lagoon in Sri Lanka, are also arranged from Kalpitiya area.

Kalptiya, which is in Puttalam district in North Western Province of Sri Lanka, has 14 islands surrounding it. Kalpitiya is not populated with many tourists as southern coastal destinations in Sri Lanka, which makes it one of our favorites destinations.

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