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Reserve your pickup on this page. Batticaloa Bay is located about 6.30 hours drive and 291 Kms away from BI Airport. The price includes highway charges, if any. The price is for one way drive. Pick up & drop off points need to come within 10 Kms from the destination center. Tariff is applied for additional kms driven. Find out about our vehicles.
(updated on : 03 Nov 2023)

Batticaloa Lagoon
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Batticaloa Passikuda
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Batticaloa is a very cozy city located in the east coast of the Island. If you think Sri Lanka is a paradise then Batticaloa will make you reassure it!

Ironically though, but most appropriately, one literal meaning of Batticaloa is 'muddy swamp'. Indian Ocean to the east and large Batticaloa Lagoon to the west, this city is calmer and quieter than most of cities in Sri Lanka. Tourists are a rare sight in this city. This city has a nickname called 'land of the singing fish' from its mysterious kind of fish living in the lagoon - open the BBC audio and skip to 23.10 sec to hear the sound of singing fish!

Batticaloa suffered from battles between government army and LTTE terrorists back in nineties. And tsunami also destroyed Batticaloa in 2004. The remains of houses which were shattered around by tsunami are still visible in Kallady. Since tsunami the coastal areas closer to shore are not being used for housing. Pine trees have been planted along the beaches. Even thou the isolated large patch of Pine trees may create a hollow scenes its collateral beauty is amazing!

We guess Batticaloa suits for matured tourists and for those who have real desire to explore nature and culture. A cycle trip around the city and alone the lagoon to tip of Batticaloa Lighthouse is fascinating in the right time of the day. Three nights stay would be sufficient to explore all she has to offer in Batticaloa. There are no many star hotels in Batticaloa. We have a collection of great villas and hotels in best spots!

You could clearly see the driving route to this destination from BI Airport on Google Map. Locations of local bus station, train stations, ATM machines and other tourist interests are also on the map. To have a clear view click "  " and then un-click "  " irrelevant layers. We constantly update our site with all those interesting facts.




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