Deep Sea Fishing – Trinco

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Following boats will be ready from 5.30 AM for your fishing trip. You decide the time. Breakfast can be arranged onboard. Though, on dinghies we only serve fresh fruits. Usually caught are King Mackerel, Giant Trevally and Barracuda, Wahoo, and … (updated on: 24 July 2022)

Sea Fishing Sri Lanka
Game Fishing - Trinco
Game Fishing - Trinco
Game Fishing - Trinco
Game Fishing - Trinco
Game Fishing - Trinco
Game Fishing - Trinco
Game Fishing - Trinco
Fishing - Sri Lanka
Game Fishing - Trinco
Game Fishing - Trinco
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This is an opportunity to chase your next fish while staying in Trinco. We arrange you a local knowledgeable fishing expert to guide you through. In the season, April to October, usually, we come across King Mackerel, Giant Trevally, Barracuda, Wahoo, Mahi-Mahi, Sailfish, Yellowfin Tuna, Black and Blue Marlins. Black Seabream, Fly Fishing, Tarpon, Oxeye Tarpon, Herring and Ladyfish are also there. Look below for boating details.

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Terms and conditions

Booking : Book online, call us or drop us an email.
Price :
 The price may slightly go up or down at the time of booking.
Payment : Full payment is settled prior starting the tour/excursion.
Days of the tour or the hours of excursion : The tour or the excursion is completed within mentioned time.
Per hour vehicle detention fee : 3 USD - Tuk Tuk / 5 USD Standard car & van
Weather : If weather conditions are unfavourable activities will be adjusted accordingly.
Today's Marine Forecast : Sri Lanka Department of Meteorology / Buoyweather
Transportation to a destination : Click Here to reserve with an excursion.
Refund : Refund amount will be determined after reducing third party's and our costs.

About this fishing activity

Best season : April - October
Arranging time needed : 2 days
Hottest month : 

Starting point : Kuchchaveli beach, Nilaveli beach and Dutch Bay
Starting time : 5.30 - 8 AM
Whole excursion hrs : 5 - 6 hrs
Fishing engaged : Trolling / Casting / Bottom
Maximum pax : depends on the boat selected

Restrictions : Do not touch corals please. Be a responsible and ethical snorkeler and diver. No flash photography of ancient paintings. Cover your knees and shoulders before enter any temple. Do not leave plastics behind. Please do not feed wild animals.

Basic price includes : Boat you selected / Crew / Fishing gear / Local knowledgeable fisherman / Snack / All Gov taxs.

Feedback us : Our drivers and service providers are advised not to promote any other activities or nudge you for shopping. Please leave your feedback on Google.

Optional : A well-spoken local animal expert / historian could be arranged with an additional fee.

You may bring : Water / Hat and sun glass / Sun cream / Camera

We love holiday planning!



Horsepower - 20-40 (2 stroke Kerosene engine)
Length - 18-22 feets
Comfortable number of angers - 2
Maximum number onboard - 4

Number of crews - 2
Meal plan - 1 L water and fresh fruits
On board - Life jackets / First aid kit
Gears - Snorkelling / Fishing

Special note - We tend to take the sunshade off as it distracts casting.

Wave 45"

Game Fishing - Trinco

Horsepower - Two 200 outboard engines
Length - 45 feets
Comfortable number of angers - 6
Maximum number onboard - 15

Number of crews - 3
Breakfast plan - Two cheese, fish or chicken sandwiches, tomatoes, boiled egg, yogurt, 1 L water, local seasonal fruits with tea or coffee
On board - Life jackets / First aid kit / Modern safety equipments
Gears - Snorkelling / Fishing

Optional : Lunch - Pasta with coleslaw. Or catch of the day with chips and coleslaw. 1 L water.

Leela 38"

Game Fishing - Trinco

Horsepower - Twin 200 V8 Diesel engine
Length - 38 feets
Comfortable number of angers - 4
Maximum number onboard - 9

Number of crews - 3
Breakfast plan - Two cheese, fish or chicken sandwiches, tomatoes, boiled egg, yogurt, 1 L water, local seasonal fruits with tea or coffee
On board - Life jackets / First aid kit / Modern safety equipments
Gears - Snorkelling / Fishing

Optional : Lunch

Modern Yacht

Ruby 43' - Yacht

Number of cabins  - 2-4
Length - 43-52 feet
Comfortable number of angers - 7
Maximum number onboard - 27

Number of crews - 4
Breakfast plan - Freshly cooked western breakfast.
On board - Life jackets / First aid kit / Drink menu / Tableware / Fully equipped kitchen / Champagne and wine glasses / Teak back transoms / Waterproof sound system / Aux cable guests for high quality music
Gears - Snorkelling / Stand up paddle board / Fishing / Paddle / Canoe / Bodyboard

Optional - Lunch - Grilled chicken or fish with boiled vegetables and garlic rice + the dessert of the day. There could be any additional items based on availability at chef’s discretion.


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