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Surfing Weligama
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Surfing Weligama
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Surfing offers the thrill and excitement of harnessing and riding nature's energy. Easier said than done, right?

Weligama is gaining momentum among beginner surfers because its sandy bottom and long beach stretch. Kabalana and Midigama too are accessible from Weligama.

What makes Sri Lanka is so appealing for all level surfing enthusiasts is its super-consistent swells, mostly all year around, few months in East coast and few months in South coast. Mainly there are three surfing destinations in our Island, Hikkaduwa, Weligama and Arugam Bay. Each of these places have few surfing points varying with wave heights and difficulties. Arugam Bay is the unbeatable surfing destination for all surfers, including advance surfers, swells are 6 meters high in June! Following surfing points are all accessible from Weligama.

About lessons Q&A

  1. Can I take my own board for intermediate lessons? Yes of cause! We will reduce 2 USD from a lesson.
  2. Can I have the same instructor if I take a package? Sometimes this is not possible. But you will always be under one overseer/instructor who knows how you are progressing. The instructor will appoint a suitable trainer if the same trainer is not available for the day.
  3. Can I take several lessons per day? We recommend maximum 2 lessons per day. You could practice your own as you wish after lessons with your own board!
  4. What will I learn specifically during each lesson? This depends on students' abilities. The first beginner lesson is pretty much the same for everyone but after that it varies depending on what needs improvement. For instance, someone may learn quickly to stand up on the board while others struggle with it and need more time to focus on that. Therefore there is no exact content for each lesson but the idea is that you will get better and more independent each time and will eventually be able to catch your own waves!

On Google Map, you could clearly see the route to destination, local excursions and tourist interests. To have a clear view click "  " and then un-click "  " irrelevant layers. We constantly update our site with all those interesting facts.

Our instructors in Arugam Bay

Praneeth Sadaruwan

Surfing since
– 2000 (since 9 years old)
Championships won
- 3rd place in second series of in National Surf Championship held in Kabalana in 2018 /  Semi finalist in Covelong Surfing Festival in India in 2017 / Quarter finalist in Asian Surfing Championships held in India in 2015 / 3rd place in Red Bull competition in Maldives in 2014 / 1st place in Red Bull Local Hero Tour in 2013.

Lesitha Prabath

Surfing Lessons - Lesitha Prabath

Surfing since
– 2003 (since 9 years old)
Championships won
- 2nd place in second series of National Surf Championship held in Kabalana in 2018 / 2nd place in Red Bull Opening Surf Competition in 2015.

Lakshitha Madushan

Surfing Lessons - Lakshitha

Surfing since
– 2009 (since 10 years old)
Championships won
-  1st place in second series of in National Surf Championship held in Kabalana in 2018 / 1st place in Down South Champion in 2017 / 1st place in Red Bull Ride My Wave Champion in 2016.

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About surfing lessons

Available : October to May but beginner level lessons are available all year around
Best season : January - mid April
Arranging time needed : 1 day
Hottest month : 

Surfing points : Look at the map and main content of the this page.
Starting time : Mornings (from 5.30 AM) and afternoons

Beginner Lessons - Includes preparations on the beach / Safety introduction / Surfing supported by an instructor / Short wrap-up after each lesson.
Each beginner lesson lasts - 1 hour and 15 minutes
Intermediate Lessons - Includes introduction of the surf spot / Surfing together with an instructor / Short wrap-up after each lesson.
Each intermediate lesson lasts - 2 hour and 30 minutes

Restrictions : Do not leave plastics behind / Please do not feed wild animals.

Basic price includes : Surfboard / Lessons cratered to your needs / Competent instructor / Gear insurance / All Gov tax.

Not included : Transport to each surfing points from Main Point.

Feedback us : Our drivers and service providers are advised not to promote any other activities or nudge you for shopping. Please leave your feedback on Google.

Optional : A well-spoken local animal expert / historian could be arranged with an additional fee.

You may bring : Not overly exposing swimwear / Sun cream / Camera

We love holiday planning!

Surfing Point in Weligama

Kabalana Point - Wave quality - regional classic / Experience level needed - suited for all levels / Frequency of waves - reguler / Wave type - reef break / Direction of wind - a frame/ Bottom - coral and reef / Power - medium to high / Good day length - 300m / Danger Rock – Yes / Urchins – Yes / Localism – Yes / Check today's wave forecast here.

Midigama Point - Wave quality - regional classic / Experience level - Experienced and Intermediate surfers/ Frequency of waves - reguler / Wave type - point break / Direction of wind - left / Bottom - coral, reef & rock / Power - medium to high / Good day length - 450m / Danger Rock – Yes / Urchins – Yes / Localism – No / Check today's wave forecast here.

Weligama Point - Wave quality - normal / Experience level needed - beginner / Frequency of waves - reguler / Wave type - beach break /  Direction of wind - right & left / Bottom - sandy / Power - medium / Good day length - 300-500m / Danger Rock – No / Urchins – No / Localism – No / Check today's wave forecast here.


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