Yala National Park Sri Lanka
Sloth Bear Wilpattu National Park Sri Lanka
Fishing Cat Yala Wildlife National Park
Sithulpawwa Sri Lanka
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Yala National Park Sri Lanka
Sloth Bear Wilpattu National Park Sri Lanka
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Crocodiles Muthurajawela Marsh Sri Lanka
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We start this tenting safari from Tissamaharama city. At 10.30 AM you need to have arrived at our place. We leave for Yala National Park sharp at 11 AM. Your vehicle can be securely parked at our place for tonight.

You will reach the ticket counter at 11.40. Once we purchsed the tickets we drive strait to our camping site. Usually from 12 noon to 2 PM park restricts the movements of vehicles within the park - that is to allow free movements to animals. However, since we are to reach the camp site, we are allowed to drive strait to the site. We have two jeeps travelling with us. The reason being if there is an accident in side the park we will have access to another vehicle immediately. And finding mobile signels can also be challenging at some places inside the park. And another reason is that all the tenting gears, cooking equipments, folding mattresses and our chef for the day and all will not fit into one vehicle.

You will have reached the tenting site at 1 PM. That is the plan at least. By now we will have an officer onboard with us from the Wildlife Department in Yala. Your professional animal guide will also be onboard. The first thing we do when we reach the camping site is make a hot cuppa for you - if you are a coffee guy just let us know in advance! All this is set to start our first safari at 2 o'clock. This is the time to enjoy your lunch if you have taken anything from the outside. While you are in the safari, the tenting, bon-fire and dinner will be prepared by the chef and chef-hand.

Enjoy your first safari! You will have your own phase and rythem to enjoy the nature and wildlife in the national park today. Because we are not compeeting with the other bunch for safaring! Just relax and enjoy your time in Yala is only possible this way! While leopards, elephants and bears are on everyone's list you will also enjoy birds, crocodiles, deers, peacocks in this park - and many more!

On the first day your safari will be finished at 6 PM. When you reach the tenting site, all the preperation for your BBQ dinner will be done. There is a cristal clear water stream right next to our camp site. With the permision of your wildlife officer you could refresh for tonight. This will be an unforgatable night in this dense forest. You know Yala accommodates the most densly populated leopard population in the world. This night with a BBQ dinner, around a bon-fire on traditional Sri Lankan mats will be quite something. This memory will last for ever! Of couse we will prepare a vegetarian meal if you have requested us earlier.

This nature belongs to animals. With that in mind and thinking also about waking up early in the morning for the early morning safari, we will go to sleep around 9 PM.

An early morning safari starts at 6 AM. If you start at sharp 6 AM, you could enjoy the best of Yala National Park can offer! Its undisturbed and pristine nature are there just for you for an hour or so! All those other jeeps will reach the center of park around 7.30 AM. So we have planned to serve your cuppa at 5.45 AM with a biscut. You will once again reach the camp site around 8.30 AM to enjoy your freshly cooked breakfast. Your chef will have prepared you a very simple Sri Lankan breakfast, coconut roti with coconut sombol and a fish curry. That will do the trick for today!

By now your tents and our equipments will have been loaded to the jeep. The tent site will quickly be tidied. After that breakfast we start driving towards to the entrace to reach the entrance before 12 noon in the mid day. You will have another 2 to 3 hours to enjoy Yala National Park. We think you will have your best chance of spotting a leopard with us on this tour! Join in now!

We will drop our wildlife trekker at the entrance and say good bye you at your vehiles around 12.40 PM. Until the next journey with us we say good bye to you!

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Facts Corner 1

Opening Time : 0600 - 1800

Closed during : 1 Sep - 15 Oct (usually)

Entry points :
Gate I - Katagamuwa
Gate II - Palatupana

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Specifics about this tented night safari experience

Best season : Jan - mid Apr & May - Aug
Available : Daily
Arranging time needed : 2 days
Hottest month : April & May

Starting time : 11 AM
Starting point : Tissamaharama (Tissa)
End time : 12 Noon next day
Tenting site : Warahana / Kosgasmankada - We reserve the right to choose the site according to local eventualities

Restrictions : No wondering inside the park without the permission of wildlife officer / Do not leave plastics behind / Please do not feed wild animals.

Price includes : 2 safari jeeps / One afternoon safari from the tented site / One early morning safary from the tented site / Entrance tickets / Tents (2 sharing basis) / All sleeping gear including folding mattresses / BBQ dinner / Next day breakfast / Tea & coffee / Proffessional wildlife officer / Water / All Gov taxes.

Child price : Aged 6 - 12 is considered a child

Optional : A well-spoken local animal expert could be arranged with an additional fee.

You may bring : Cardigan for morning breeze Hat and sun glass / Sun cream / Camera / Binocular

Feedback us : Our drivers and service providers are advised not to promote any other activities or nudging you for shopping. Please leave your feedback on Google.

We love holiday planning!

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